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the valley of the kings

the valley of the kings is where the pharaohs advisers were put.they were nowhere near the king.they were the kings most trusted people.they were some pharaohs near but in different tombs.

the valley of the kings


the curse of the pharaohs

the curse was begun after the death of lord carnavan. he died after he opened the door to the tomb of kept happening after .but through the study of the people,there was no things where the health .they were all healthy when opening the tombs.

lord caravon

the family tree

osiris was married to isis and there son was hours. but osiris had a brother called seth, he tried to kill Horus,son of osiris. they were related to Ra the sun god.

the family


the god horus is depicted as a hawk and he has the famous all seeing eye. he is the son of osiris ,god of the underworld and the god of spells,isis.


anubis was the god of embalming.he was not the ruler of the underworld though, that was osiris. he was kicked out of throne by osiris. that is why he his depicted as a jackal, because of there power in egypt.

the pyramids

the pyramids were created for the pharaoh of egypt.there are big and small ones for certain people. the biggest are in Giza,egypt.

inside a pyramid


the king of egypt at the age of just 9 he was then killed at the age of 13.the cause of it is unknown. there is a circular hole in the bak of his skull,a concussion ,and a piece of skull pushed in and a fractured knee.